We are at the beginning of this exciting journey. We recognise Smithfield meat market is unique, bringing together people from many different backgrounds to trade and buy meat and in turn serve the small corner shop in a local community, to the high-end restaurant in the West End.

How do we continue Smithfield’s story, maintaining its legacy and rich contribution to an area that is fast evolving, but also ensure that it fully engages London’s diverse communities?

We think Smithfield should be:


A place for innovation

Food is changing, its production and supply chain, and our relationship to it, might Smithfield have a role to play in future food tech as well as other areas of innovation?

A place for creativity

Another jigsaw piece in the City’s Cultural Mile, might Smithfield bring to the creative industries an offer no other place can?

A place for enterprise

Surrounded by the historic financial district, might Smithfield play an important role in enabling entrepreneurs whilst embracing a more diverse business community?

A place for play

With the buildings opening-up, creating new public space and showcasing its cavernous spaces, might Smithfield offer something unique for young people?

There may be many Smithfields, but the aspiration is for one Smithfield, a place of opportunity to all people of London, no matter what their circumstance or background.

This is a challenge that the City cannot take alone. If Parliament gives approval to move the market, the City will further engage widely across communities to help shape a future Smithfield we can all be proud of.

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