Markets Co-location Programme

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Possible Uses

Smithfield Meat Market is unique, bringing together people from many different backgrounds to trade and buy meat, serving customers ranging from the small corner shop in a local community, to the high-end restaurant in the West End.

Preserving Smithfield’s legacy and rich contribution to the area, plus ensuring it fully engages London’s diverse communities have been key considerations in proposing future uses.  

A place for innovation

Food is changing. Its production and supply chain are evolving, as is our relationship to it. Smithfield could have a role to play in future food tech, as well as other areas of innovation in the food industry.

A place for creativity

Smithfield can bring a unique offer to the creative industries, sitting at the heart of the City’s Culture Mile.

A place for enterprise

Surrounded by the historic financial district, Smithfield can play an important role in enabling entrepreneurs, while embracing a more diverse business community.

A place for play

Opening up these buildings will create new public space, showcasing Smithfield’s cavernous architecture and providing a unique offer for young people.

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