The City Corporation is in search of approx. 100 acres to house new facilities for its wholesale markets

In order to secure their continued operational success, the City of London Corporation has conducted a strategic review into the future of its three wholesale food markets; Billingsgate (fish), Smithfield (meat and poultry) and New Spitalfields (fruit, vegetables and flowers).

Following the strategic review, a proposal has been agreed, in principle and subject to a feasibility study and proper consultation, to consolidate the three markets and relocate them to a single site together with related uses such as an apprenticeship school for fishmongers and butchers.

A key element of this work will be to identify and, subject to the business case, acquire a suitable site of approximately 100 acres. Proposals of a small number of sites in close proximity (adding to approximately 100 acres) that could be operated together, will also be considered.

Lambert Smith Hampton have been appointed to undertake the search for a site.

The City Corporation has launched a major transformation programme to undertake the necessary feasibility studies, options appraisals, and development of a business case.

External consultation will start shortly with programme proposals being explored with:

  • Traders, their customers and other tenants; to develop and maximise operational requirements and benefits
  • Greater London Authority and the London boroughs where the existing sites are located, where sites might be suitable, and other boroughs with relevant interests
  • MPs
  • Relevant interested parties such a Historic England, the Victorian Society, and the Billingsgate Consultative Committee.

Once a site has been nominated, a business case, along with consultation outcomes, will be considered across a number of City Corporation committees for final approval.

Parliamentary legislation will be required to agree any relocation. A Private Bill will be submitted to Parliament in due course.

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